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Seared Crappie with Caramelized Onions and Stewed Tomatoes over Herbed Wild Rice Pilaf

Despite being a desert (or, I suppose because of that fact) San Diego has a plethora of water reservoirs. Almost all of these lakes are fishable, and some even contain fish worth eating. This weekend I hit a few of the backcountry lakes and managed to scrounge up a bit of a bounty. Friday I made the trek up to Lake Henshaw with my fishing buddy Geno and we managed to catch every species in the lake: carp, crappie, bass, and catfish. Unfortunately I caught all the carp and bass and he caught all the crappie and catfish. Fortunately Geno is a generous dude and he hooked me up with some of his catch. Now I’m home and looking for variations on the old stand-by: fish rolled in panko and pan fried. Our other buddy, John C, seared his in a pan with onions and served it over Japanese black rice. Inspired by his creativity, I improvised this: Seared Crappie with Caramlized Onions and Stewed Tomatoes over Basil Wild Rice Pilaf. Continue reading Seared Crappie with Caramelized Onions and Stewed Tomatoes over Herbed Wild Rice Pilaf

The Perfect Fried Egg

I love eggs, and I eat more than any man should. In fact, the principal reason I wanted to keep chickens was to have a ready supply of good, fresh eggs. Eggs are one of the most versatile foods: high in protein they provide structure to baked goods, high in fat they provide richness to sauces and cremes. They can hold a whip for a meringue and they can be hard boiled and shoved (gently) in a pocket for later consumption. Eggs can be eaten in just about any course of any meal. Fresh eggs are especially good poached or in frittatas. But for the connoisseur, there is no substitute for a simple, perfect, fried egg.

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