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The Death of a Chicken

SONY DSCFour years ago, my wife (then fiancé) and I embarked on a grand experiment in urban homesteading: raising backyard chickens. We entered this venture without even a chicken coop, let alone an exit strategy for what to do with old barren hens. As the chickens grew, so did our stress in not having a coop. That problem was eventually resolved, along with the myriad of other small problems that have cropped up along the way. But the issue of what to do with old birds continued to not raise itself. Continue reading The Death of a Chicken

A Dozen Fresh Eggs: Frittata!

We have 5 chickens.  Chickens lay an egg approximately every 26 hours.  That means each chicken lays an egg almost every day.  That means we get 4-5 eggs every day. That’s a lot of eggs.  We manage to recover some of our feed costs by selling eggs to our coworkers, but sometimes things work out where we have 2-3 dozen eggs in the fridge.  What then do you do with with a dozen fresh eggs?  Frittata. Continue reading A Dozen Fresh Eggs: Frittata!