My Friends

Getting started is all about who gave you your first shot. For me that was Edible San Diego. They took a risk on an unknown writer and helped shape my style to what you see today. When I started writing for them they too were unknown. But they have grown to be the leaders of the San Diego food movement and continue to inspire excellence in writers, farmers, and restaurants alike. Pick up a copy at Farmer’s Market of check out the digital copy.

Successful fishing is ALL about local knowledge. I fish all the time and I still strike out when I visit a new place. Don’t get caught with your pants down! Hire a guide! If you’re fishing salmon, steelhead, stripers, or pretty much any migratory species in Central or Northern California, JD Richey is your man. He is an inveterate guide, is probably one of the best sport fisherman in the State, and a good guy. Check out the web’s best fishing magazine!

My friends Josh and Yael are the founders and operators of the San Diego Sustainable Living Institute. Their non-profit organization seeks to teach people how to fend for themselves, even on a small parcel of city land. They hold regular classes on chicken keeping, aquaponics, edible gardening, greywater harvesting, and a myriad of other cool stuff.

My friend Cari Johnson runs White Mountains Ranch. She is the one who first showed me a backyard aquaponics system and she is my go-to when it comes to chicken advice. She also runs my goat milk co-op and raised my Thanksgiving turkey. Currently WMR is engaged in innumerable pilot programs, which they hope to eventually grow to full scale. Keep an eye out for them!

2 thoughts on “My Friends”

  1. Hello! I’m a San Diego local born and raised. Just wanted to say thank you for your article in the fall issue of Edible San Diego. Picked it up on a visit to Thrive Wellness in north park. Your article was very inspiring and intrigued me to the extent that I’m looking into acquiring the necessary items to start my own garden. Just read your bread article as well and immediately forwarded it to my two sisters and friends. Keep up the good work and thank you for the inspiration!

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