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New ebook: Fringe Fermentation

My first ebook is live on Amazon! Fringe Fermentation: The guide to brewing cider, mead, and country wines at home. Check it out!

If you read it, please leave me a review so I can get feedback.


Perfect Poached Eggs

20140224-224109.jpgI’m a huge fan of eggs; you know this. To me, a perfectly fried egg on sourdough toast is the epitome of deliciousness. The crispy caramelized white shatters like glass and the thickened, but runny, yolk soaks into the bread like gravy. But my once and only true love has recently been usurped by one better: poached eggs on toast.

Where a fried egg has crispy whites, which add texture but are somewhat boring, the poached egg has a luxuriously silky white that is almost like custard. And where the perfect fried yolk is difficult to obtain, always either too runny or too cooked, the perfect poached yolk is a mere matter of timing. Once you find that sweet spot your yolks are perfect forever.

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Passion Fruit Sorbet

Whenever I have a bumper crop of fruit I eat it fresh until I’m sick of it, then my mind turns to sorbet. If you’re not making sorbet, you should. It’s cheap, easy, and delicious. It’s also a great way to preserve fresh fruit. I make sorbet from uncooked fruit puree and sugar. Dehydrated and jam are other options, but sorbet captures and preserves the fresh, bright flavors of the fruit. And because you’re only using the juice, you’re preserving it in a compact, convenient form; no canning or vacuum sealing required. Continue reading Passion Fruit Sorbet

Episode V: The MSteiger Strikes Back

I’ve just returned from the the 2012 Edible Institute (#edi2012), a yearly food conference held by the visionary founders of the Edible Communities magazines (for whom I am so humbly employed). The conference hosted speakers from all walks of foodie-ism and featured a plethora of splendid eats and ideas. Returning home I am exhausted, inspired, and thinking about my own goals as a writer. Continue reading Episode V: The MSteiger Strikes Back