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Poke Burgers!

Each year tuna migrate up the California Coast, following warm water currents from Mexico to Japan. These currents are unpredictable, so that each year a different set of species is found offshore. Some summers, anglers only see one species all season; maybe albacore or yellowfin. But every now and then the conditions are just right, so that a whole mixed bag of fish moves through. This summer was one of those times and it was a banner year for offshore fishing in San Diego. In a single day, anglers had the opportunity to target bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, albacore tuna, yellowtail, and dorado (Mahi Mahi). Catching all 5 in one day comprises the “Grand Slam” of San Diego offshore fishing. Continue reading Poke Burgers!

Roadside Sustainable Seafood?

A wild-caught California King Salmon

Stephanie Mutz (@seastephfish), President of the Commercial Fisherman of Santa Barbara, says that fish is the last wild food we eat. Think about that and you will probably find it true. You probably haven’t stalked a deer in awhile and you just can’t find a recipe you like for those wild mustard greens; but most of the fish we eat grows wild in our oceans, rivers, and lakes. And though there are farmed versions of many types of seafood, a good deal of fish comes only in wild form. Continue reading Roadside Sustainable Seafood?

Lisko Deli Brings Fresh Local Foods to East County

If you spend much time at San Diego Farmer’s Markets, chances are good you’ve run across Lisko Imports. They’re the ones in the big black tent with all the friendly Aussies. I started buying fresh pasta from these guys several years ago, when they had a teeny booth at the OB farmer’s market. Since then they have grown their market space to several booth sizes, and expanded their repertoire to include bread, cheese, fresh-made pickles, farm fresh eggs, homemade pesto and hummus, and yes, more pasta. Lisko’s latest expansion is a permanent store front in Rolando; where they hope to continue to providing market fresh, local foods. This is certainly a welcome addition to the East County food-scape!

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Experiment: Apple Cider Vinegar

After several months of home brewing, I became obsessed with the idea of making cider. By that I mean fermented apple juice, sometimes called hard cider. My fascination was borne of the romanticism of apples and cider in American History. As apple pie is a traditional and quintessential American dessert, so is cider an historical American beverage.

Cider was the beverage of choice during colonial times, due to unsafe drinking water. Later Johnny Appleseed collected seeds from cider mills and started tree nurseries across the American Frontier (at the time, Ohio). In The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan points out that since these apples were started from seed (and thus not true to type) they would not be good for eating. The implication is that Johnny A. was running a cottage industry for cider production. Continue reading Experiment: Apple Cider Vinegar

Stone Brewing FRESH! Dinner

Tuesday night Stone Brewing held one of its quarterly farm-to-table events, what they call the FRESH! dinner. The FRESH! dinner takes eating fresh, seasonal, and local food to the utmost extreme; with the goal being everything (possible) is harvested the same day as the meal. Stone Brewing Head Chef Alex Carballo explained that the flour was not same day, but all the fish, fruits, and veggies had been harvested that day. He went on to explain that even the olive oil had been pressed that morning. The evening even started out with a fresh Stone brew, straight out the fermentor.

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A Dozen Fresh Eggs: Frittata!

We have 5 chickens.  Chickens lay an egg approximately every 26 hours.  That means each chicken lays an egg almost every day.  That means we get 4-5 eggs every day. That’s a lot of eggs.  We manage to recover some of our feed costs by selling eggs to our coworkers, but sometimes things work out where we have 2-3 dozen eggs in the fridge.  What then do you do with with a dozen fresh eggs?  Frittata. Continue reading A Dozen Fresh Eggs: Frittata!