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Beekeeping DipLunacy

Well, it’s official. Beekeeping is absolutely illegal for me. Since my rant about the 600 ft stand-off law in the County of San Diego, I’ve fired off a series of letters to everyone from entomologists to County Supervisors. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this thing goes all the way to the top. As of last week I think my correspondence has come to a close. It ended with a few letters from a fellow at the El Cajon City Planning Office, just 2 miles from my house. The result, beekeeping is not a permitted use of residential land. Here is a brief summary. Continue reading Beekeeping DipLunacy

Guerilla Beekeeping

The next lunacy project is beekeeping; hopefully. I say hopefully because after purchasing a miter saw and stuffing my Corolla unreasonably full with lumber, I have come to find out that beekeeping is illegal in San Diego County. Ok, not illegal exactly, just very, very restrictive. Continue reading Guerilla Beekeeping