About Me

My name is Matt. I am a physicist who is completely obsessed with food. I am also a writer for Edible San Diego.

I brew my own beer, catch my own fish, grow my own fruit and veg in my garden, and raise chickens for eggs. I like experimenting in the kitchen: cooking, canning, and generally trying to learn lots of the old ways.

I chose the moniker Food Lunatic because I always take things too far. I approach all problems like a scientist; I research, I experiment, and I dig into the minutia.

Most of the stuff on this blog is learn-as-I go. I am not an expert on food, cooking, gardening, brewing, or anything except physics; and I’m hardly an expert on that.

In spite of what I may sometimes say, I don’t generally recommend you follow my advice; it’s likely to get you into trouble as it’s done me. But DO follow my (mis)adventures in food, maybe you’ll find them amusing.

Contact me here, if desired.

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