Roadside Sustainable Seafood?

A wild-caught California King Salmon

Stephanie Mutz (@seastephfish), President of the Commercial Fisherman of Santa Barbara, says that fish is the last wild food we eat. Think about that and you will probably find it true. You probably haven’t stalked a deer in awhile and you just can’t find a recipe you like for those wild mustard greens; but most of the fish we eat grows wild in our oceans, rivers, and lakes. And though there are farmed versions of many types of seafood, a good deal of fish comes only in wild form. Continue reading Roadside Sustainable Seafood?

Episode V: The MSteiger Strikes Back

I’ve just returned from the the 2012 Edible Institute (#edi2012), a yearly food conference held by the visionary founders of the Edible Communities magazines (for whom I am so humbly employed). The conference hosted speakers from all walks of foodie-ism and featured a plethora of splendid eats and ideas. Returning home I am exhausted, inspired, and thinking about my own goals as a writer. Continue reading Episode V: The MSteiger Strikes Back