Lisko Deli Brings Fresh Local Foods to East County

If you spend much time at San Diego Farmer’s Markets, chances are good you’ve run across Lisko Imports. They’re the ones in the big black tent with all the friendly Aussies. I started buying fresh pasta from these guys several years ago, when they had a teeny booth at the OB farmer’s market. Since then they have grown their market space to several booth sizes, and expanded their repertoire to include bread, cheese, fresh-made pickles, farm fresh eggs, homemade pesto and hummus, and yes, more pasta. Lisko’s latest expansion is a permanent store front in Rolando; where they hope to continue to providing market fresh, local foods. This is certainly a welcome addition to the East County food-scape!

Lisko Artisan Deli and Fish Market sits on the corner of Rolando and El Cajon Blvd, in the College area. It’s not exactly east county, but it’s pretty close so we’ll give them credit. Lisko Deli aims to sell as much local and fresh food as possible, hoping to create the farmer’s market-in-a-store atmosphere that so many other shops aspire to.

Lisko carries produce from Suzie’s Farm and J&R Organics. A central basket kiosk and a side-wall refrigerator currently hold summer squash, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, beets, peaches and a variety of summer goodies. The produce was not overly packed in, I bet they’ll expand inventory as the shop grows.

Fresh fish from Catalina Offshore Products, including local rockfish, whole flounder, lingcod, and my personal favorite, white seabass. All the fish looked shimmery and pristine.

The Deli counter houses cured meats and cheeses, imported olives, and homemade pickled beets, dolmas, and salt-cured anchovies.

Just inside the door is a pastry counter full of delicious looking treats. Coffee will be supplied by Joe’s on the Nose; great coffee I usually pick up at the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market.

Homemade hummus and pestos.

Last but not least, fresh pasta. I have eaten a lot of pasta, including lots of fresh. All pale in comparison to Lisko pasta’s which are toothsome, hearty, and packed with herby goodness. My personal favorite is garlic basil fettucini; with a little soyrizo tomato sauce it can’t be beat. The lemon basil linguini is also great in a quick pan fry with garlic, rosemary, a little chili, and some chopped fresh tomatoes.

It’s clear that the folks at Lisko are dedicated to supplying fresh, local, and great foods. I’m excited to see little shops like this pop up. For me it’s certainly closer than the farmer’s market and it’s open everyday. It’ll be interesting to see how the shop matures. Good luck to them!








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